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Combat pest solutions sanitisation germ killing Brisbane




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FROM.   $160.00

Protect yourself against viral, bacterial or fungal outbreak.

Having a COVID and Germ Killing plan is probably going to be the new norm so its important to have a company that know what they are doing has the best products and equipment at a cost effective price throughout the year.

We are currently performing these services at schools, homes and businesses throughout Brisbane.

We all know that these germs and viruses can cause us to get sick, whether it be in the workplace, on public transport, at the doctors surgery or when we send our children off to schools and childcares or at home. Currently, we are told to vaccinate against influenza, wash our hands regularly and, if you are infected, stay away from our most vulnerable members of society – our children and elderly.


What we don’t seem to get told is how we can protect our direct surroundings and kill germs before they get a chance to infect us.

Germ sanitisation Combat pest solutions Brisbane
Germ killing sanitisation Combat pest solutions Brisbane
virus sanitisation Combat pest solutions Brisbane

Hospital Grade Sanitising Prevention Barriers is designed to do just that.

Sanitising Prevention Barriers is a unique, hospital-grade disinfectant that bonds to surfaces, creating a protective barrier that kills germs AND offers you a layer of protection for up to 28 days.


Effective against Germs like MRSA, VRE, Norovirus, Salmonella and Influenza, Outbreak Prevention Barriers and is an essential defense in the fight against illness.


Sanitising Prevention Surface Barrier creates a protective surface barrier that kills germs on contact. In comparison with the use of other disinfectants our hospital grade disinfectant surface barriers continue to work killing a broad spectrum of pathogens and viruses for up to 28 days. 

Powered by BioProtects patented technology, our solution creates a barrier on any treated surface, providing ongoing protection for a up to of 28 days for even the most notorious of germs.


Reduce the risk of an outbreak ever occurring by taking advantage of our Prevention Barriers.

Sanitising Prevention includes an initial assessment to determine the overall cleanliness of the area, volume usage and frequency usage.

An individual schedule will then be created based on these answers.

Application of our barriers can ensure your surroundings are protected from harmful germs all year-round.


Price for the average home starting from $150.00 and commercial properties will need to be quoted based on size.

Combine Pest and Sanitising services at a discounted rate for home and commercial properties.

Fully insured and trained staff on all jobs. After hours availability.

Germ sanitisation Combat pest solutions Brisbane


How we get the Solar Clean job done is just important to our team, as the  efficiency you will gain from clean panels. With dedicated client service for our commercial solar cleaning customers, we know what you need, when you need it and the best way to approach the problem. CPS Solar cleaning are the experts in Brisbane to help you save on electricity costs. 

We provide yearly, quarterly solar clean plans for your business. We will quote you based upon your individual  needs with no hidden costs. Our commercial solar cleaning team will then be able to solve any problems.

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