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Affordable pest control combat solutions Brisbane

GENERAL PEST TREATMENT INSIDE ONLY- cockroaches, spiders, silverfish, fleas, ants and moths  in roof void, baiting kitchen and treating inside to all rooms starts from $145.00 PLUS

GENERAL PEST TREATMENT OUTSIDE ONLY- Spiders, ants, cockroaches and other insects is from $170.00.

GENERAL PEST INSIDE AND OUTSIDE- Both inside and outside is treating roof void baiting kitchen and treating outside is from $199.00. PLUS

Termite Inspection Combat solutions  Brisbane

TERMITE VISUAL CHECK - With 6 page report from $195.00

TERMITE VISUAL CHECK - pest inspection including and general pest treatment for pests is $260.00.      (Most Popular)

FULL TERMITE INSPECTION-  including full treatment for general pests with a 6 page report is from $340.00

Rodent control and removal combat solutions brisbane

RODENT INSPECTION - Rodent inspection and treatment from $120.00

MOSQUITO OUTSIDE ONLY - Mosquito outside treatment from $180.00 depending on yard size.

BED BUG Treatment -  bed bug treatment including inspection from $160.00 per room

Combat pest solutions ant control service brisbane

ANTS ONLY SERVICE - Ants inside and outside with inspection from  $165.00

YES WE DO END OF LEASE SERVICES -  get your bond back from $210.00

Solar panel proofing and cleaning combat pest solutions brisbane

SOLAR PROOFING - To be quoted

RESIDENTIAL SOLAR CLEANING - Up to 10 Panels starts at  $120.00

RESIDENTIAL OR COMMERCIAL SOLAR CLEANING - 10+ solar panels please contact us for quote

Solar Pricing

All quotes are free

Commercial customers will need a quote on most of the treatments or cleans due to the size of their premises.


If you have any questions please feel free to call me.

Ph: 0419 734 501


All products are Pet and Family safe and Australian approved.

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