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Residential | Commercial


Up to 10 panels

Providing Total Solar Panel Bird Proofing and Cleaning Solutions Across All Brisbane Areas

Welcome to CPS solar panel bird proofing specialists Brisbane. We are a dedicated team of solar panel Cleaning experts based in Brisbane, Queensland. Additionally, let us help you regain 30% or more of your solar panels efficiency by cleaning your panels, a complimentary service to all bird proofing customers.

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Our Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Specialist in single story, double story and Industrial solar panel bird proofing in Brisbane Australia.

- Residential Solar Bird Proofing 

- Commercial Solar Panel Bird Proofing

- Complimentary Solar Panel Cleaning

We are specialists in bird-proofing your home solar panels. Here at CPS Solar Cleaning we are able to protect both single and double story homes. Using the latest equipment that will not damage your solar equipment. When you choose Combat Pest Solutions for your solar panel bird proofing, you get a complimentary solar panel cleaning.

- Fully trained, insured and experienced staff

- Service all areas of Brisbane

- Modern and efficient tools of the trade

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Solar panel cleaning Combat solutions Greater Brisbane
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Solar Panel Bird Proofing Brisbane

Do you have a problem with birds, rodents and leaves getting under your solar panels?


Do you know that birds and other rodents can cause damage to exposed wiring under your solar panels?


Do you know that build up of leaves and other debris under your solar panels can cause a loss in solar panel efficiency?


Pigeon droppings can have a corrosive effect on your roof and some components of solar panels


The area underneath the panels can also be damaged as a result of nesting, as Pigeons can dislodge wiring and even stop the solar panel system working altogether.


Pigeons are hosts to other pests such as fleas, lice and ticks and can also carry disease


A build up of leaves or nesting can potentially create a fire hazard, drains can also be blocked and attract other insects like cockroaches, which may eventually end up in your house


Bird droppings can create mess on the top of panels and reduce their efficiency, therefore regular cleaning is recommended


Bird Proofing ensures unrestricted airflow around panels to protect your greatest asset for saving money and reducing power costs

What we do


  • Before any Bird Proofing is installed, we complete a visual Inspection of panels and report back to you (the owner)

  • We provide Before/After photos

  • Supply and Install UV stable and customised bird proofing mesh around all open areas of your solar panels

  • We conduct a complete clean up of the space underneath your panels and remove all debris

  • We offer a 5-year warranty on all installations

  • We also Clean your panels free of charge with deionized water and clean the panels with a non-abrasive brush recommended by the panel manufacturer

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Solar panel cleaning brisbane combat solutions
Cleaning and solar panel bird proofing Brisbane combat solutions


With dedicated client service for our commercial solar cleaning customers, we know what you need, when you need it and the best way to approach the problem. CPS Solar cleaning are the experts in Brisbane to help you save on electricity costs. 

We provide yearly, quarterly solar clean plans for your business. We will quote you based upon your individual  needs with no hidden costs. Our commercial solar cleaning team will then be able to solve any problems.

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