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Cockroach Prevention in Wynnum, Brisbane

As a pest control business based in Wynnum, we provide pest control tailored to residents of the Brisbane area. One of the most common pests found plaguing Brisbane homeowners is the cockroach. Like many other household pests, cockroaches are attracted to moisture, food and shelter, so the best way for Wynnum homeowners to prevent a cockroach infestation is to deny them access to these factors.

Cockroach Treatment Wynnum Brisbane

When we complete a Wynnum cockroach treatment, Combat Pest Solutions often has three suggestions for homeowners:

1. Declutter

Cockroaches love to find shelter amongst clutter in homes. Get rid of unnecessary items that make for great pest real estate. Decluttering your Wynnum home will not only decrease your chances of encountering a cockroach infestation, but will also prevent spiders, mice and rodents from choosing your Brisbane home as a place to find shelter.

2. Remove / seal tempting foods

Food not stored in airtight containers, along with crumbs and scraps left on the floor are a magnet for cockroaches, rodents and ants.

3. Seal points of entry

Inspect the walls, floors, screen doors and windows of your Wynnum home for potential places where pests can come into your home. If you find any, simply seal them with some caulk or steel wool (for bigger entry points). Sealing points of entry will prevent cockroach infestations and other future pest issues.

Experiencing problems with cockroaches in your Brisbane home? Combat Pest Solutions provides Wynnum cockroach treatment solutions that are safe for your family, your pets, and the environment.

Here at Combat Pest Solutions, we know what it takes to protect your home against pests. With dedicated client service for our commercial and residential pest control customers, we know the best way to approach your pest problems. Combat Pest Solutions are the Brisbane pest control experts. Call us on 0419 734 501 or email

for more tips on how to prevent cockroaches in your Brisbane home.



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