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Bee Vs Wasp - the Good, the Bad, and the Differences

Although bees are one of the few universally loved insects that have many positive effects on the outdoors, that's where they should stay - living away from you and your loved ones, especially if there's any chance that bee could be a wasp. Here at Combat Pest Solutions, we care about your health, so we've gathered tips to identify whether that unexpected guest is a bee or wasp and how to handle it accordingly in your Brisbane home.

Characteristics of a Bee


  • Between 0.2 to 4 cm in length

  • Rounded thorax (chest) and abdomen (body)

  • Fuzzy body

  • Legs bent/tucked up towards body when flying


  • Tend to stay around flowers and plants

  • When most bee's sting someone, their stinger gets stuck inside the skin and they pass away from their injuries when they try to remove it - meaning bees will only ever sting once as an absolute last resort

  • Pollenate flowers and use the nectar to produce honey within their hive

  • Nests are generally hidden inside trees, walls, or even in some cases in the ground

  • Tend to leave humans alone unless purposefully aggravated

  • Have a Queen

Whilst bees and humans can coincide in the same outdoor area, when bees start to make nests inside the walls and ceiling of you home this can cause structural damage. As well as this, if bees live inside your home they are more likely to feel threatened due to the close nature, and hence are more likely to sting to protect their Queen.

Characteristics of a Wasp


  • Between 2 to 10 cm in length

  • Oblong thorax (chest) and abdomen (body)

  • Smooth body

  • Legs hanging down when flying


  • Tend to stay around flowers and plants

  • Can sting multiple times with no fatality

  • Eats other bugs such as caterpillars and ladybugs along with fruits

  • Does not produce honey

  • Nests are generally visible, usually against walls, under rooves or hanging from trees

  • Aggressive in nature when people approach their nest

  • Have a Queen

Wasps, whether in the backyard or indoors, can cause serious problems. Not only are they destructive, aggressive and more likely to sting than a bee, many people develop severe, life-threatening allergies that worsen with each sting. This alone strengthens the importance of protecting your home against pests in advance, however if insects of any sort are creating a problem, Combat Pest Solutions have many options available to bring back a calm and sting-free environment to your Brisbane home.

If you are a Brisbane homeowner and have any questions about a potential bee or wasp infestation, don’t hesitate to contact our team by phoning 0419 734 501 or emailing



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