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Brisbane Termite Inspections

It is very important in Brisbane to carry out termite inspections on your home.If you leave it for far too long, it could turn into a larger issue and may cause underlying damage to your home.

No one likes termites near their house. So its important not to ignoring these bugs. For some kind of termites, i.e. the Subterranean termites, they can tunnel beneath your property.

termite protection brisbane
termite protection brisbane

Even if you have termite baits installed, you still need to check regularly for their telltale signs. These hungry soft-bodied insects will seek out and find any gap in your termite defence plan.

Here’s what you need to know about:

Annual termite inspections

Termite damage to your house

How long termite treatments last

Check termite bait stations

Termite inspection costs

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